Andrew Crumey


An Expedition To The Taiga
Calculation Quest
A Lesson For Carl
The Last Midgie On Earth
Water Of Life
A Very Special Trip


Walter Benjamin and the Multiverse
Pfitz and Mr Mee
Place and Culture
Virtual Literature
The Bridge Between Science And Literature
The Public Image
Life, But Not As We Know It
Doctor Who
How I Write
Book Of A Lifetime
Mathematics and Literature
Creative Writing As An Academic Discipline
An Experiment With Time
PhD Thesis
Constellations (journal of a research project)

Book reviews

P. Ball, The Sun and Moon Corrupted
J. Bardi, The Calculus Wars
P. Bizony, How To Build Your Own Spaceship
J. Black, The Secret History Of The World
D. Bodanis, Passionate Minds
F. Brown, Flaubert: A Life
J. Burnside, Glister
M. Chown, The Never-Ending Days Of Being Dead
P. Davies, The Goldilocks Enigma
L. Doughty, A Novel In A Year
J. Gribbin, In Search of the Multiverse
R. Holmes, The Age Of Wonder
S. Hunt, The Invention Of Everything Else
D. Kehlmann, Measuring The World
M. Kumar, Quantum
D. Leavitt, The Man Who Knew Too Much
J. Marchant, Decoding the Heavens
R. Moody, The Omega Force
H. Murakami, After Dark
D. O’Shea, The Poincaré Conjecture
J. Primack and N.E. Abrams, The View From the Centre Of the Universe
J. Roberts, A Sense Of The World
L. Smollin, The Trouble With Physics
D. Standish, Hollow Earth
J. Steinmeyer, Charles Fort
A. Wall, Sylvie’s Riddle
R. Wilson, Lewis Carroll in Numberland